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Final Data Coverage Maps

SRTM has collected data over most of the land surfaces that lay between 60 degrees north latitude and 54 degrees south latitude. That's about 80% of all the land on the Earth.

In the maps below, the colors of the swaths indicate the number of times the area was imaged by SRTM. For land, one-time coverage is green, twice is yellow- green and so on, as shown in the key at lower left. Over water, the color code is in shades of blue as shown in the key at lower right. Areas in red could not be mapped. SRTM is a topography mission, so data was mostly acquired over land. Small amounts of data were collected over the water for calibration purposes.


Final Coverage Map: Flat Map

 Flat Map.


Final Coverage Map: Global View

Coverage maps in 3-d Globes.