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GloVis Next Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

GloVis Next Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  I have always used GloVis and see GloVis Next replaces it.   What are the differences?

A.  A comparison document can be found at:

Q.  Are you going to keep the original GloVis website?

A.  No. Sometime in 2017, the original GloVis site will be decommissioned. The GloVis Next site will take over the URL and will be the only GloVis interface.

Q.  I submitted Feedback but I did not get a reply. What gives?

A.  Thank you for submitting Feedback. Rest assured, your comments are logged in our system and will be considered for future releases. Unfortunately we cannot provide a direct response to each comment or question. We are working to expand the site’s “Help” documentation which may answer your questions. If you would like assistance, please use the Page Contact Information in the footer.

Q.  What products are available in GloVis Next?

A.  The following products available for download are:

  • Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle (DOQs)
  • EO-1 ALI (Earth Observing-1 Advanced Land Imaging)
  • EO-1 Hyperion (Earth Observing-1 Hyperion)
  • Global Land Survey (GLS)
  • Landsat 4-5 TM (L4-5 TM C1 Level-1)
  • Landsat 7 ETM+ (L7 ETM+ C1 Level-1)
  • Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS (L8 OLI/TIRS C1 Level-1)
  • Sentinel-2
  • ISRO ResourceSAT 1 and 2 - AWIFS Sensor
  • ISRO ResourceSAT 1 and 2 - LISS-3 Sensor
  • GeoEye’s OrbView-3 (OrbView-3)
  • ASTER L1T;  Coming Soon
  • Landsat 1-5 MSS Collection 1;  Coming Soon

Q.  Are all products available to public users?

A.  There are no restricted data sets on GloVis Next.  The data sets are all public domain.

Q. How can I view different reference layers?

A. Click on Configure Layer Tool in the right side corner of the map. Choose between Select A Basemap or Layer Settings.  The Select A Basemap lists layers to choose for displaying on the map.  The Layer Settings allow modifications of how to view the layer on the map.

Q.  How can I customize defaults for map display and layer options?  Will the customized settings be saved for future GloVis Next sessions?

A.  To save settings, you must be a registered user and Login to GloVis Next.  The Preferences option displays on the right side of the webpage above the map.  General Preferences, Map Preferences, and Map Layer Preferences include multiple options.  These preferences are saved for future GloVis next sessions.

Q.  Are there plans to merge the Global Land Survey data set into a single data set?

A.  Yes, the plan is to merge the GLS data set into a single data set selection.  The search results will provide the choice of the different years of data.

Q. GloVis used to have a single data set that showed Landsat 4-present. Is there a combined view in GloVis Next?

A.  Yes, the plan is to merge the Landsat data set into a single data set selection.  The search results will to include L8 OLI/TIRS, L7 ETM+ and L4-5 TM in one data set, with L1-5 MSS added as Landsat adds those data to Landsat Collection 1.  The merged data set is anticipated in late 2017.

Q. Are there plans to include other metadata filter options, in addition to Acquisition Date and Scene Cloud Cover?

A.  Yes, future versions of GloVis Next will include other, yet to be determined, metadata filter options.

Q. Will there be improvements to the Jump to date feature?

A.  Yes, future versions will include a Timeline showing dates where imagery is available and providing the click Timeline to jump to the date.

Q.  Landsat 4-5 and 7 data sets on the GloVis Next interface browse images have a black jagged edge.  Why is this occurring? 

A.  This is due to underlying architectural differences (transition from GloVis to GloVis Next) in the way browses are stored. The development team is exploring ways to remove the jagged edges.