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1. Introduction

Provides an overview of the key features of EarthExplorer along with browser requirements.

2. User Interface

This page describes the EarthExplorer user interface.

3. Registration

Registered users can use all of EarthExplorer’s features, including saving search criteria, downloading data, and accessing subscription services.

4. Login

The Login page allows users to log in to EarthExplorer.  A registered user can use all of EarthExplorer's features, including saving search criteria, downloading data, and accessing subscription services.

5. Profile

The Profile menu allows users to modify profile information.

6a. Search - Enter Criteria

EarthExplorer allows users to search, download, and order data held in USGS archives through a number of query options.

6b. Search - Select Data Sets

The 'Data Set' menu categorizes datasets into similar data collections. Select a dataset to specify which one to search.

6c. Search - Additional Criteria

The 'Additional Criteria' tab is an optional input area that allows the entry of additional search criteria specific to the dataset(s) selected.  Click the 'Additional Criteria' tab to display the additional criteria for the first dataset selected.  The type and number of search criteria will vary by dataset.

6d. Search - View Results

The 'Results' tab executes a search using the search criteria and displays the results for the search criteria.  The left side of the page displays the results panel with the thumbnail and textual information for each scene returned from the search.  The right side of the page displays the Google Map interface with an outline of the identified area of interest.

Changing Your Browser Settings For New Windows

Provides an explanation of how to change the browser settings for Firefox and Internet Explorer for EarthExplorer.

EarthExplorer Brochure

The EarthExplorer trifold provides basic information for on-line access to remotely-sensed data from the U.S.

EarthExplorer Help Documentation.pdf

EarthExplorer Help Documentation.pdf

How to create an ESRI Shapefile or KML file

Shape Files and KML Files

Standing Request

The ‘Standing Request’ function allows registered users to run searches for new acquisitions, in the background, using the same search criteria.

> Bulk Download Tutorial

Help Page Description
Bulk Download Application

Bulk Download Application

Bulk Download Application Help Documentation

Bulk Download Application Help Documentation

> Customer Service

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Customer Services Information

Provides information on contacting Customer Services.

Data Citation

This page explains what statements should be used when citing, copying, or reprinting data.

Delivery Times

Product Delivery

Order, Shipping and Handling

Order, Handling and Shipping

USGS Certification

The USGS certifies that the image data requested and downloaded from the archives are authentic reproductions of official records of the government that are in the legal custody of the USGS at EROS.

USGS Foresee Survey

The purpose of the survey is to ensure that our websites meet our users' needs — your comments help us know what and how we need to improve. In fact, many significant improvements to our homepage, our Education site, and our search tool, to name a few, were based on user feedback. Thank you for helping us continuously improve.

> EROS Registration System (ERS)

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EROS Registration System (ERS)

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Registration System (ERS) centralizes all existing user profile and authentication for USGS EROS Web services into a single independent application.

> Miscellaneous

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Aerial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Aerial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EarthExplorer Cookies

What are Cookies?

EarthExplorer Download File Information

EarthExplorer Download file Information

MultiSpec Cheat Sheet for Aircraft Scanner

MultiSpec successfully opens the aircraft scanner binary files.

USGS Inventory Servers Weekly Downtime

The USGS inventory servers are backed up weekly on Sunday mornings from

> Web Mapping

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Web Mapping Service

The Web Mapping Service (WMS) provides access to a georeferenced representation of the data for basic mapping and data visualization applications.