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Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)


       MODIS image from Terra, Fires in Florida

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) is one of a number of instruments carried on board the Terra platform, which was launched in December 1999. MODIS provides continuous global coverage every one to two days, and collects data from 36 spectral bands (band designations). Two bands (1-2) have a resolution of 250 meters. Five bands (3-7) have a resolution of 500 meters. The remaining bands (8-36) have a resolution of 1000 meters. The swath width for MODIS is 2,330 kilometers.

The following datasets are available:

  • LP DAAC MODIS instrument data (Level 1A/1B) is archived and distributed by the ECS-GSFC Data Center.
    The Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center at USGS EROS distributes a variety of MODIS-derived land data products. The following levels of processing are available: >
    • Level 2 consists of derived geophysical variables at the same resolution and location as the Level 1 MODIS source data.
    • Level 3 consists of derived geophysical variables mapped on uniform space-time grid scales.
    • Level 4 consists of model output or results from analyses of lower-level data (i.e. variables derived from multiple measurements).

For a complete list of the available MODIS land products and detailed descriptions, see LP DAAC MODIS Data Products.

All LP DAAC MODIS products are provided in HDF-EOS format, and the file size will vary from 50 Mb to 1.2 Gb. The data is distributed via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Note: Instrument Data (Level 1A/1B) is archived and distributed by LAADS Web.

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