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Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM)

The overarching goal of JECAM is to reach a convergence of approaches, develop monitoring and reporting protocols and best practices for a variety of global agricultural systems. JECAM will enable the global agricultural monitoring community to compare results based on disparate sources of data, using various methods, over a variety of global cropping systems. It is intended that the JECAM experiments will facilitate international standards for data products and reporting, eventually supporting the development of a global system of systems for agricultural crop assessment and monitoring. The JECAM initiative is developed in the framework of GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOSS Task AG0703 a) and Agricultural Risk Management (GEOSS Task AG0703 b).

To achieve the JECAM goals the initiative will bring together the GEO Agricultural Monitoring Community of Practice to undertake an inter-comparison of monitoring and modeling methods, product accuracy assessments, and data fusion. JECAM will take place on a finite set of regional pilot sites that are representative of a range of global agricultural systems. Data collected and shared will include time series datasets from a variety of earth observing satellites and in-situ data which may include in situ ground survey, in-situ soil moisture monitoring and meteorological data. The Community of Practice will work with the Committee on Earth Observing Satellites (CEOS) the space-arm of GEO, and other data providers to facilitate the acquisition of Earth Observation data and ensure a coordinated approach to space based data acquisition.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has taken on the secretariat role of the JECAM project on behalf the GEO Agricultural Monitoring Community of Practice. One of the responsibilities as secretariat is to develop and maintain this JECAM website where government, university and non-NGO researchers can investigate and collaborate on project objectives within JECAM.

For more information see the JECAM site.

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